Italcan Custom Home Design is a proud to be the fastest and most reliable Firm in Toronto. 
ARCHITALCAN DESING INC.  is a Qualified Design Firm, Registered and Insured. Check us out on www.Homestars.com *******9 TIMES WINNER!

Project types served are professional. We have extensive experience in new buildings design, addition and interior alterations. 

Our emphasis is providing a client service by bringing VALUE to the projects. This is accomplished by our vast experience, strong knowledge skills, and our abilities to design projects within specific timeline. 
Our portfolio shows the types of work that we are involved with.

We have experience in any types of architectural design.
We carry out a full range of architectural, structural, HVAC services from site surveys to feasibility studies to submitting planning and building regulation applications.

Contact us for a free consultation. We are eager to learn about your needs, and contribute to making your dreams come true.

Do you have a copy of the property survey?
Etobicoke district requires an up to date survey.
For other districts, if you don't have a survey or cant find it, you could also try www.landsurveyrecords.com

If you are buying a property, ask for a copy of the survey or get one during the deal so you don't get surprises later! There could be issues such as: encroachments, right of ways, easements, location of top of the bank, location of fences, and so on